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Office Relocation

Moving is always chaotic, but your network infrastructure move can’t afford to be. Moving your network infrastructure can be tricky and even costly if not planned properly. Improper set up for servers and network switches and poorly located network ports will increase downtime and produce limited internet connectivity for employees trying to work in their new location.

AccuNet has helped safely move network infrastructure for numerous clients.

AccuNet is a Microsoft Partner that offers the following network infrastructure relocation services to keep the disruption of moving your network to a minimum:

• Plan and design server room for security and cabling accessibility.
• Plan network port locations.
• Work with strategic partnership cabling company.
• Take down and properly box servers, switches, and other network equipment.
• Set up and reconfigure server and network equipment to PCs in new location.
• Plan and assist in any upgrades, useful at time of move, to minimize downtime.

AccuNet would like to help you move your network successfully and securely. Contact Us for more information.

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