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AccuNet Business Systems designs, implements, and maintains project management and accounting systems for mid-market companies across the nation and the world.

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AccuNet Network Services provides Network Planning, IT Support, Computer Hardware, Managed Services, and Network Security for many of Central Ohio's top companies.

Network Services

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AccuNet / WatchGuard Presents: Network Blindness? Advanced Persistent Threats? There’s an App

July 13, 2016 at 11:00am

New media and entertainment applications are popping up faster than you can say “Facebook” and these new apps can be a drain on productivity. How do you ensure your team stays on task in the office?

The answer is Dimension & APT Blocker. We at AccuNet deploy cloud-ready network security solutions that instantly identifies key network security trends, issues, and threats through a suite of big data visibility and reporting tools, including:

Dynamic Charts: Interactive dashboards that show who and what uses the most bandwidth and which sites are being visited.
Stacked Rankings: High-level views of all network traffic that can be drilled down to specific individuals.
Threat Dashboard: Shows blocked traffic and allows admins to add unapproved IP addresses, domain names, and applications to a Blocked Sites list.

AccuNet, Inc has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies for solutions that help you manage distractions and eliminate blind spots and help prevent against ever-evolving and persistent threats.

Event Details

Join us for lunch at Studio Movie Grill on July 13th from 11AM -1PM and get an introduction to Dimension & the WatchGuard's Security Arsenal to help prevent against Today's ever-persistent and evolving threats.

So please join AccuNet, Inc. and WatchGuard Technologies Solutions Engineer Michael Pearson, as he discusses “Network Blindness.” Register Today to reserve your seat.

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