Business Systems

AccuNet Business Systems designs, implements, and maintains project management and accounting systems for mid-market companies across the nation and the world.

Network Services

AccuNet Network Services provides Network Planning, IT Support, Computer Hardware, Managed Services, and Network Security for many of Central Ohio's top companies.

Business Systems

Investigator Billing

The AccuNet Investigator Billing module automates and streamlines the billing process of patient visits, site protocols, and sponsor re-bills. AccuNet has designed and built this solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Accounting system as well as with various CTMS systems.

Investigator Billing bridges the disconnect between CTMS systems and a CRO’s accounting department by providing the following functions:

• Track high level study financial information, including grant deposit balances, aging AR, unbilled summary, and sites stages.
• Quickly drill down into studies by site and subject to view stages, visits earned, and fees paid/unpaid.
• Forecast and manage grant money expenditure and request.
• Spend more time managing the study rather than looking up study protocol, tracking down unapproved vouchers, and searching for sponsor requested financial data.
• Automate and integrate billing and workflows with Dynamics SL.
• Integrates with CTMS.
• View role based dashboards for the study manager, CEO, and CFO.