Business Systems

AccuNet Business Systems designs, implements, and maintains project management and accounting systems for mid-market companies across the nation and the world.

Network Services

AccuNet Network Services provides Network Planning, IT Support, Computer Hardware, Managed Services, and Network Security for many of Central Ohio's top companies.

Business Systems

How It Works

Step 1 Business Process Assessment

We start every system inquiry with a Business Process Assessment. We review your current system, needs, and processes in order to provide you with the right solution. This assessment serves as a blue print for selecting the appropriate solution to implementing according to how you will use it.

Step 2 Implementation and Training

Once we have settled on a plan of action, implementation and training begin to ensure a well-implemented system and a trained staff to use it.

Step 3 Compliance for Government Contractors

We work with you and your company on setting up your system to maintain compliance for those with government and defense contracts.

Step 4 Support & Maintenance

We continually work with you to support and maintain your new system so you have it for years to come.

Once you have become a valued client of AccuNet, we continuously work to meet your satisfaction.