Business Systems

AccuNet Business Systems designs, implements, and maintains project management and accounting systems for mid-market companies across the nation and the world.

Network Services

AccuNet Network Services provides Network Planning, IT Support, Computer Hardware, Managed Services, and Network Security for many of Central Ohio's top companies.

Business Systems

5-Point People Ready Business Ready Assessment

5-Point People Ready Business Ready Assessment is an assessment examining the five critical business areas within a CRO to identify and benchmark the process against industry standards. The results from this assessment will identify areas of your business that could reduce operational costs and improve cash flow while helping your people to do their jobs better.

The Five Areas

Investigator Fee Processing
Tracking Fee Payments
Billing of fees to Sponsor
Grant Payments
Analyze Unbilled Fees

Pass-Through Expense Processing
Expense Tracking and Re-bill
Working Capital Effects
Analyze Unbilled Expenses

Study Management
Study Dashboard Tracking
Site/Subject Progress
Financial Performance/Budget Control

Business Management
Study Performance Visibility
Working Capital Analysis
Employee Efficiency Tracking
Department Tracking

Sales and Business Development
Bid Analysis
Opportunity Visibility
Customer Interaction Tracking
Service Line Analysis

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