Business Systems

AccuNet Business Systems designs, implements, and maintains project management and accounting systems for mid-market companies across the nation and the world.

Network Services

AccuNet Network Services provides Network Planning, IT Support, Computer Hardware, Managed Services, and Network Security for many of Central Ohio's top companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a methodology for implementing new systems?

Yes, AccuNet has worked with many companies from evaluation of their current system to implementation and Go Live. We have a proven methodology that we use approaching any new system evaluation and/or conversion.

How do I show my boss what return he will receive on this investment?

There are many different components that go into the ROI calculation, we can help your team determine which apply to this company.

I haven't managed an evaluation process like this before, what are the steps we need to take?

We have worked with many companies like yours and there are some common approaches everyone seems to use. We will help you structure your project so that you achieve a thorough result that addresses your objectives.

What is the most important factor in achieving a successful project result?

The clear commitment by the top management of the company to the goals of the project and the methods the project team uses to achieve them. Companies that designate an internal Project Leader who can make decisions and has a vested interest in the project's success, will improve the chances of a on time on budget project.

How can I control the cost of the project?

A Work Plan is the road map for the project. A good Work Plan identifies all the tasks that need to be completed by the customer or AccuNet. Once you know all the tasks you can better decide what you can do and what needs to be outsourced.